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16. 5 Tips for Selling Your Multi-Family Property in Knoxville

Selling a property that is classified as a multi-family property involves several people, especially if you have a large number of units. This is much different than selling a private family residential house. Since we buy many multi-family properties in Knoxville and the surrounding area; we thought an article providing landlords some basic tips on … Continued
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17. Why Won’t My House Sell In Oak Ridge?

The real estate market is booming. And when you are trying to sell your house in Oak Ridge, it should sell super fast, right? That may not always be the case, and you are left wondering why. You begin to question why Oak Ridge Homebuyers are not making offers on your house when everyone else … Continued
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18. 6 Reasons to Sell Your House As-Is in Maryville

Are you considering selling your house in Maryville? If you currently have a house that is dated, needs many updates, or a total rehab; selling the traditional way may not be your best option. You run the risk of sacrificing a fair price for your home since many buyers that buy off of the MLS … Continued
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19. How Much Does Holding A Property Cost in Powell?

What Is The True Cost Of Owning A House in Powell? Do you currently own a house in Powell that you are not living in? Maybe you inherited the house, or maybe it is a former rental property that is vacant. Everyday that passes, the cost of holding that property increases. But many homeowners fail … Continued
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20. Foreclosure notice of default in Alcoa – what is it?

I Received A Notice Of Default In Alcoa, TN Have you received a foreclosure notice of default on your Alcoa House? You many be wondering exactly what this means. Simply put, this is a document that your lender has filed to begin the process of foreclosure. This letter is sent to anyone that may have … Continued
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21. How To Sell Your House in Clinton Without ANY Hassle!

The thought of selling your house in Clinton may be met with a ton of dread! Trying to prep the home to sell, keeping it spotless, and making necessary repairs sounds super stressful. If the house itself is in need of some serious attention, it becomes even more stressful. Thankfully, it doesn’t to be that … Continued
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22. Help, I’m Behind in My Mortgage Payments in Maryville

Falling behind on your Maryville Home’s mortgage can make you feel like you are absolutely drowning in stress and anxiety. Maryville homeowners that get behind several months have a difficult time catching up on their past due balance. Thankfully, there are options that can help you prevent foreclosure and help you to possibly keep your … Continued
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23. The State of the Market for Buyers and Sellers in Farragut

You often hear the terms “buyer” and “seller’s” market. As professional home buyers in Farragut, we often get asked what market we are currently in. Of course, the 2021 housing market has experienced a tremendous amount of growth. From low inventory, to high demand, housing has experienced a sharp increase in prices. But, believe it … Continued
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25. The New Way To Sell Your Home in Loudon

Are you considering selling your house in Loudon TN? For most homeowners, the thought of selling their home sounds absolutely awful! Open houses, keeping the home spotless, constant viewing requests, and the back and forth with potential buyers starts to get on your nerves! As local homebuyers in Loudon, we created a new way! So, … Continued
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26. How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent in Maryville

Finding a great real estate agent to work with in Maryville TN can be super frustrating! You have so many to choose from. This is apparent by the number of names that show up in a Google search, or all of the billboards featuring agents in the Maryville Community. As local homebuyers, we know how … Continued
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27. What is a Pre-Foreclosure in Cleveland TN

So many Americans are dealing with foreclosure across the country. As local homebuyers in Cleveland, we have experienced multiple homeowners going through this situation. With the expiration of Covid-relief help, the numbers are beginning to climb. We wrote this article to help homeowners understand exactly what pre-foreclosure is, and the next steps they can take … Continued
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28. How to Sell Your House to an Investor in Gatlinburg TN

Since we buy houses in Gatlinburg, we have noticed that, unlike the past, most homeowners move several times in their lifetime. Instead of passing their homes down to their family, many are looking to simply sell their house (or cabin) in Gatlinburg. Most first-time homebuyers go into their first home with the mindset that it … Continued
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29. Selling Your Home During a Divorce in Alcoa

We buy houses in Alcoa in many instances where the seller may be going through a divorce. Many folks are left wondering exactly what steps they need to take in order to do that. With so many Americans facing divorce, many are left looking for advice on selling a home during a divorce This is … Continued
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30. How to Stay in My Home After Foreclosure in Oak Ridge

As local homebuyers in Oak Ridge, we often get asked by many homeowners how they can stay in their homes after foreclosure. Some homeowners are not looking to sell their house in Oak Ridge simply because they are in foreclosure. Many just want to stay in their home. Approximately 47% of foreclosed houses are still … Continued