We Are Jeff And Jess

Reputable Home Buyers In Knoxville TN

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Meet Knoxville’s Reputable Home Buying Team

reputable home buyers in knoxville

Jeff Shipwash


Jeff is an avid and passionate Tennessee Vols fan. Since his football team continues to let him down year in and year out, he decided to take on a new adventure to fill the void that the Volunteer Football Program has left in him. Kidding…..kinda!

All jokes aside, Jeff has always had the urge to become an entrepreneur and leave a legacy behind for his kids. Jeff has spent several years working in the finance industry. Combining his love for real estate, numbers, and his passion for remodeling houses, Jeff launched his first company!

When Jeff isn’t flipping houses, he enjoys spending time on the lake, watching his beloved Tennessee Vols, and spending time with his family.

knoxville reputable home buyers

Jess Shipwash


Jess is a registered nurse at a local hospital. She currently works in surgery, but started her nursing career in intensive care over 4 years ago and also worked critical care units during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Jess has experience in all aspects of taking care of critically ill patients.

Jess is a Pinterest fanatic so she can stay up to date on the latest trends and designs that are popular amongst homeowners. She helps Jeff decide what type of layout a home should have, paint colors, kitchen and bath designs, and everything else!

Jess enjoys binge watching Greys Anatomy for the 50th time, spending time with her family, and hanging out with friends.

Reputable Home Buyers In Knoxville

Kolson Shipwash

Chief Marketing Officer/Dad’s Helper

Kolson was born in 2021 and is the happiest little baby under the sun. He wasted no time filling the role of chief marketing officer since he is just plain hard to resist. To this date, no one has made more sales than Kolson!

Kolson loves riding around in dad’s truck, playing in the water, and watching Tennessee sports with dad. Although he loves spending time with dad, he is admittedly a huge mamma’s boy.

Kolson has already been tabbed with the “owner in waiting” title.

Becoming Knoxville’s Reputable Home Buyers

reputable home buyers knoxville

Jess and I have both been blessed with amazing jobs throughout our life where we have gained invaluable knowledge and created life long friendships. We both wanted to take those skills and put it into something we both love, while also being able to have a positive benefit in our community.

We love making a house look brand new again by turning a vision into a reality. I think it started out just like every other flipper. We watched all the shows on HGTV and dreamed of being the next Chip and Joanna. So we finally took that leap and started a company that helps owners get rid of their houses stress free with cash offers. We have gotten off to a great start. Jeff was recently featured in Thrive Global and Jess was featured in an article about phenomenal women in real estate!

We’re not a boring corporation. We are every day people just trying to live out a dream and help people along the way.

Knoxville’s Local Cash Home Buyers

Reputable home buyer in knoxville tn

When Jess and I started this business, We wanted to do it the right way. We wanted to demonstrate that we we really were Knoxville’s cash home buyer. In addition, we knew we always wanted to source our products locally. Many wonderful family run businesses help supply our house renovations with building, plumbing, and HVAC supplies just to name a few. In addition, we value contracting many of our projects out to small licensed contractors who operate family businesses. The relationships we have formed with these businesses and our strategic remodeling allows us to keep our costs manageable. This allows us to provide higher offers to homeowners.

Ready To Sell Your House To A Reputable Home Buyer In Knoxville?

Shipwash Properties is a reputable home buying company in Knoxville Tennessee that wants to give home owners a better alternative to the lengthy and stressful traditional selling process. We encourage homeowners to check out our How-It-Works page in order to see just how simple our home buying process is. Ready to get started with one of the most down-to-earth home buying companies around? Then head on over to the Sell-My-House page! If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Jeff or Jess!

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