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65. Top 5 Ways To Deal With A Frustrating Tenant In Knoxville

We experience landlords looking to sell a house fast in Knoxville on a monthly basis. Usually due to the fact that they have had a terrible experience with a tenant and they just don’t have the desire to deal with it anymore. While landlording can be a rewarding investment, it doesn’t come without fears of … Continued
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64. Top 5 Ways To Attract Multiple Offers In Knoxville

As Knoxville homebuyers, we often encounter sellers that want to sell their house fast, but they also want to attract multiple offers on the property. As of late, many knoxville home sellers get to experience both! Seller’s markets are those where the seller has an edge. With so many people looking at just a few … Continued
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63. Tax Consequences When Selling An Inherited House In Knoxville, TN

As Local homebuyers here in Knoxville, we come across many homes that have been inherited. These individuals want to sell their home fast, but are also cautious of the tax consequences when doing so. When you inherit a property, you need to know how the basis is determined in order to understand how you’ll be … Continued
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61. Do These Things Before Selling Your House in Knoxville

As local cash homebuyers in Knoxville, we understand that selling a property in Knoxville is one of the most significant financial transactions for many people. Since we help property owners sell their homes fast in Knoxville, we are often asked what you should do before you sell. We’ve learned several things over the years that … Continued
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60. I’m Relocating And Need To Sell My House in Knoxville, TN

As local homebuyers in Knoxville that help you sell your house fast, we often encounter homeowners who are relocating. When you think about the entire process of packing up and moving to a new area, it truly takes a lot of coordination and effort to relocate! If you’re thinking to yourself, “I’m relocating and need … Continued
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59. How Do I Sell My House Without An Agent in Knoxville

As local homebuyers in Knoxville that help you sell your house fast, we are often asked how you can sell your house without a realtor. Many homeowners would like to sell their home without an agent to save thousands on commission fees. In addition, during hot markets, it may not make a lot of sense … Continued
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58. How Do I Sell A House That Needs Work in Knoxville TN

As local homebuyers in Knoxville, we experience many homes that need a lot of repairs done. In many cases, life circumstances, such as divorce, the loss of a loved one, financial struggles, job change, or just simply finding a better home leave many homeowners willing to walk away from their homes without hesitation. In many … Continued
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57. A Brief Guide And Quick Tips For Owner Financing

Many Knoxville homeowners are discovering new ways to sell their homes as a result of the recent economic shifts that we’ve experienced this year and owner financing is extremely popular. Owner financing helps you sell your house fast in Knoxville, and can also put more money in your pocket! Since we buy houses fast in … Continued
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54. 5 Signs You Should Sell Your House As-is in Knoxville TN

As Real Estate experts, we heard the question, “Should I sell my home in Knoxville as-is”, many times. If you’re thinking about it, then you first need to fully understand what exactly selling “as-is” means. We buy houses in Knoxville as-is all the time. In fact, that is the only way we buy houses. But … Continued
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52. 4 Tips You Should Know About Selling Your House FSBO in Knoxville TN

If you’re thinking about selling your home in Knoxville, TN, you’re in the best position you can be as a seller in this red-hot market. New buyers have been moving to our state considering our high quality of life, affordable homes, and an incredible low cost of living. If you’ve done some research on selling … Continued