18. 6 Reasons to Sell Your House As-Is in Maryville

sell my house in maryville

Are you considering selling your house in Maryville? If you currently have a house that is dated, needs many updates, or a total rehab; selling the traditional way may not be your best option. You run the risk of sacrificing a fair price for your home since many buyers that buy off of the MLS want move in ready homes or they are using financing to buy. Thankfully, many Maryville homebuyers love buying houses as-is and many are cash buyers as well. There are many reasons why selling your house as-is may be the best option for you as the seller. Below, we will explore five reasons why selling your house as-is could benefit you.

Sell My house Maryville Selling As-Is Saves You Money

When you sell your house the traditional way, it can get expensive. Making repairs, making updates, commissions, and other costs such as marketing can quickly add up. When you want to sell your home as-is, you can actually sell it to a direct home buyer that specializes in this. Not only will you save on repairs, you will also save on commissions and other fees. Even if your home only needs cosmetic fixes, those can quickly add up. Material prices are constantly fluctuating thanks to the pandemic. Secondly, when you list a home on the market that needs several repairs, you will no doubt receive low-ball offers from people just looking for a bargain. These people not only waste your time, but they cause you to get discouraged. Companies that specialize in buying as-is houses typically have relationships with contractors and material providers. These relationships allow them to get great discounts that they can pass onto you as the seller; meaning higher offers.

Sell My house Maryville Selling A Maryville House As-Is Saves Time

Not only will you save money selling your house as-is, but you will save a considerable amount of time as well. This can be extremely attractive for someone that needs to sell quickly, or they are simply wanting to cash out on their home as soon as possible. Although “time” doesn’t have a dollar value, it still needs to be considered. Your time is valuable. When you spend weeks negotiating repairs or weeks receiving low-ball offers from non-serious buyers, it completely wastes your time and begins to create an emotional toll.

Sell My house Maryville Selling As-Is Means No Repairs

Repairs are stressful. Whether you make them yourself, or you spend weeks attempting to hire a contractor to make them, it creates a lot of unnecessary stress. When you sell your house in Maryville as-is, you have the opportunity to sell it without these stresses. This is where you need to consider a local home buying company. Not only will they gladly make the repairs after you sell, but their whole business model is built off of this. Keep in mind, the relationships they have with contractors and suppliers can benefit you as well if you sell to them. Unfortunately, contractors typically charge homeowners a lot more than they do someone who gives them consistent business. So if you elect to make repairs prior to selling, you will pay market price for materials and you will pay a premium for labor if you choose to hire the work out!

Sell My house Maryville Avoid Commissions On Your Maryville House

Real estate agents don’t work for free and their commission fees result in you taking a severe hit to your asking price. This is an additional reason to consider selling your Maryville house to a local professional home buyer. With a direct sale, you won’t have to worry about being charged all of these fees. They make their money down the road, so there is no need to charge the homeowner! The amount offered is typically what you receive at closing. When you sell with an agent. you will walk away with much less after you pay for closing costs.

Sell My house Maryville Smaller Chance Of Deal Falling Through

Traditional buyers add a list of contingencies in the contract, even with as-is properties. Most need financing, which leads to needing appraisals and inspections, and creates a higher risk of you deal falling through. Cash homebuyers in Maryville understand what is involved when buying homes in as-is condition. Due to their experience and their ability to pay in cash, their deals stand a higher chance to get to the closing table. They are experienced in all the risk of buying a home as-is and they aren’t scared of the challenge.

Sell My house Maryville Save On Holding Costs By Closing Quicker

Time always equals money in the end. If you are relocating, bearing the cost of two different homes can be overwhelming financially and emotionally. The longer your home sits on the market, the longer you will be paying for the mortgage, the utilities, and the taxes. These are known as holding costs. If you list your home with an agent and it takes 5 months to sell, that is 5 months of all of these expenses. When you start adding up the math, it may make a lot more sense to go ahead and cash out on the house to a professional home buyer in Maryville. Companies that buy houses in Maryville can usually get to the closing table within 2-3 weeks, if not sooner. Since they don’t depend on banks, appraisers, or any other “middle-men,” they can get deals closed much sooner than someone using financing.

We Buy Houses In Maryville

If you are wanting to sell your house as-is in Maryville, and you would like to do it fast; we would love to help! We are local homebuyers in Maryville that give homeowners a better, faster way to sell their house. We always make as-is cash offers. We never ask or expect you to make repairs, and we need charge you any fees. After we personally view your home, we make simple, 100% free cash offers that under no obligation whatsoever. It is extremely important that you do your research when using a professional homebuyer. The best way to do this is by reading what is a we buy houses company. This will help you to make sure you are working with someone who will not waste your time and will get you to the closing table!

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