20. Foreclosure notice of default in Alcoa – what is it?

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I Received A Notice Of Default In Alcoa, TN

Have you received a foreclosure notice of default on your Alcoa House? You many be wondering exactly what this means. Simply put, this is a document that your lender has filed to begin the process of foreclosure. This letter is sent to anyone that may have an interest in your property; meaning you, other lenders, and anyone else such as contractors that may be owed money from doing work on the property. In addition, this notice must be published in a local newspaper and a letter must be posted somewhere on the property (usually on the door or window of the home). Although this may embarrassing, this is actually done to protect you as the homeowner.

Tennessee is a state that does not allow for judicial foreclosures. This means that a lender in Tennessee can foreclose on a property without having to go to court. It also means that, in comparison to the court foreclosure process, the foreclosure process might go relatively fast.

Before Letters Of Default

Several years ago, many lenders could foreclose on your Alcoa home with no warning at all. This meant the bank would simply foreclose and tell the owners to vacate the property with no warning. The new law states that lenders must issue this notice of default. It gives you as the homeowner a heads up to either resolve this issue, or a chance to sell your house in Alcoa. Simply put, it gives you the opportunity to fix the problem before it’s too late. Below, we will discuss key tips if you have received a notice of default.

sell my house in Alcoa Stay Calm And Avoid The Panic

The most important first step you can take is to stay calm and not panic! This is obviously an extremely emotional and stressful situation, but staying calm and thinking straight will allow you to get this issue resolved. In addition, keep in mind that these problems do take time to solve. That means you have time to make a plan for a course of action. Remember, panic leads to horrible decisions. As the homeowner, you have to stay calm!

sell my house in Alcoa Learn Everything About Foreclosure In Tennessee

Next, learn everything about the foreclosure process in Alcoa. These are typically unique to the state, so you will want to do your research based on Tennessee state laws. This help you to know what the next steps in the process will be from your lender.

In Tennessee, a person who has lost his or her home to foreclosure has the right to buy it back unless the borrower waives this right when receiving the loan. This is referred to as a redemption period, and the redemption term in Tennessee is two years. 

sell my house in Alcoa Seek Out Legal Advice

The best thing you can do is seek out legal advice during this situation. If you cannot afford an attorney, it would be best to research any attorneys in the Alcoa area that may work on these cases pro bono or may offer their assistance at a deep discount. Laws in Tennessee regarding foreclosure are complicated and it’s best to work with someone that is licensed and experienced in these situations.

sell my house in Alcoa Explore Different Options

Next, you will need to make a list of your options. Will you work to catch the mortgage up? Will you consider selling your house if you know you cannot afford it anymore? It’s best to start learning all of your options now so that you can formulate the best course of action. You have many options at your disposal.

sell my house in Alcoa Always Communicate With Your Lender

It is absolutely critical you communicate with your lender. We promise they do not want your house! In fact, that is their last resort. They want the money they are owed and nothing else. Most banks actually lose money when they foreclose, so they make every attempt to not start that process. Since you are behind on your mortgage payments, your bank may have programs that can help you catch back up. If you want to stay in the house, it will be essential you communicate with them so that you can stay on the same page.

Planning To Sell Your House In Alcoa?

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