63. Tax Consequences When Selling An Inherited House In Knoxville, TN

sell inherited house in knoxville

As Local homebuyers here in Knoxville, we come across many homes that have been inherited. These individuals want to sell their home fast, but are also cautious of the tax consequences when doing so. When you inherit a property, you need to know how the basis is determined in order to understand how you’ll be taxed on it. With that said, tax laws are constantly changing, and we highly recommend you consult a licensed attorney or tax expert and only use this article as a starting guide.

Capital gains and other taxes are calculated based on the asset’s purchase price. Property in Knoxville is valued at market value when someone dies, and the foundation of their estate is based on that market value. For example, if someone acquired a home for $25,000 20 years ago but it was worth $100,000 when they died, the property would be evaluated at the latter figure for capital gains purposes.

Things To Consider When Selling An Inherited Home

Gains and Losses Are Taxed

The term “capital gains or losses” refers to the amount of money you make or lose when you sell a piece of property that you either utilize for personal or financial reasons. Among the numerous possible examples are houses, furniture, and a slew of other items. 

In Knoxville, the sale of an inherited house is treated as a gain or loss on your tax return. In most circumstances, you must have owned the property for at least a year in order to qualify for lower long-term capital gains rates. When it comes to inherited homes, long-term gains and losses are no matter how long you’ve owned the property or how much you’ve paid for it. With that said, you can take advantage of the benefit of the stepped-up basis rules for inherited property.

Reporting The Sell Of The Home

You must file an income tax return if you sell an inherited house. You need to figure out how much money you’ve made or lost. The basis is subtracted from the sale price to arrive at the final figure. You should then notify your tax expert that you have sold your inherited home.


With the added burden of having to care for and pay taxes on a new house, inheriting one may be a burdensome experience. The first step to selling a house in Knoxville is to go through the probate procedure. 

The court will then give you the green light to go your own ways. Assuming there are other people interested in the inheritance, you must first come to an agreement with each other. After that, you can ask the court for permission to sell the property through a petition.

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