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49. Can A House Be Sold While It Is In Probate?

The topic of “Can a house be sold while in probate in Knoxville, Tennessee?” comes from time to time here at Shipwash Properties. The answer is yes, if basic measures are followed. After a person dies, the property is reassigned to the beneficiaries through the process of probate. When a person dies, they leave behind … Continued
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48. Cash For Homes In Knoxville – Will I Get A Fair Price?

A cash offer may be great for you if you need to sell your home quickly and don’t want to deal with contingencies or spending thousands of dollars on closing costs. Since we buy houses in Knoxville with cash, we often hear our clients ask us “Will I get a good price for an all … Continued
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47. How Much Does Owning A Property in Knoxville TN Truly Cost

The Cost Of Owning A Home In Knoxville As a local homebuyer in Knoxville, we are often asked what it costs to own a home in Knoxville. We buy houses all throughout Knoxville, so we have plenty of experience in what property ownership costs in the area. This article will focus on what it costs … Continued
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46. How To Find The Right Real Estate Agent in Knoxville TN

When looking to sell a house in Knoxville, one option sellers consider is to hire a real estate agent. Although we buy houses in Knoxville direct from homeowners, we often get asked how to find the right agent. But how does one go about locating the best agent for their requirements and what are the … Continued
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45. How To Sell A House You Inherited in Knoxville, TN

Have You Inherited A Home In Knoxville? It might be one of the most difficult times of your life when a member of your family passes away. Aside from the emotional turmoil, this loss may also come with some significant responsibilities, such as an inherited home. Everyone is affected by the death of a loved … Continued
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43. Reasons You Should Sell Your House As-Is in Knoxville TN

Selling As-Is in Knoxville If you’re thinking about selling your house in Knoxville, think about these things and how they could make the process go more smoothly for you. When you sell your property to the team at Shipwash Properties for cash, as-is, you don’t have to do any repairs or endless showings. We buy … Continued
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40. Understanding The Foreclosure Process In Chattanooga, TN

As homebuyers in Chattanooga, many homeowners have reached out to us asking questions regarding foreclosure. For a variety of reasons, homeowners in Chattanooga may default on their mortgage payments. A combination of reasons, such as failing health, the loss of a job, taking on too much debt than you can handle, or a divorce, may … Continued
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37. What Does Pre-Foreclosure Mean in Chattanooga TN

If you’ve missed several mortgage payments, you may have gotten a notice from your lender informing you that your property is in pre-foreclosure. As local homebuyers in Chattanooga, we often get asked exactly what this letter means. If nothing is done, you may lose your house permanently. While pre-foreclosure is a severe issue, there are … Continued