42. Selling Your House During A Divorce in Knoxville

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Unfortunately, we buy houses in Knoxville from several people experiencing divorce. There is a lot on your mind while you’re going through a divorce. Selling and buying a home at the same time adds to the stress, which is why many people reach out to a reputable homebuyer during this difficult time.

In a divorce, who gets the house depends on the circumstances of each case, making it a difficult position to negotiate. Depending on how amicable or acrimonious the divorce is, each of the aforementioned scenarios could play out differently. When it comes to discussing the future of a home, there are a few things to consider. The team at Shipwash Properties will tell you everything you need to know about selling a house in Knoxville during a divorce in this post.

Before Selling Your House During Divorce, Consider These Options

Sell My House Knoxville tn “Buy out” your spouse

If either you or your spouse is serious about keeping the house, you can buy out the other. Depending on each party’s income, financial contributions to the property, and the home’s earning potential, the buyout could be for more or less than half of the market value. You can agree to compromise for half of the home’s market worth if you don’t want to have a back-and-forth discussion. 

Keep in mind that the person who performs the purchasing must have sufficient funds that aren’t subject to the rest of the divorce proceedings, as well as the ability to afford the mortgage on a single salary.

Sell My House Knoxville tn Consider co-ownership

A couple can agree to a co-ownership plan in an amicable divorce. You’ll agree on how mortgage payments will be split, when they’ll be paid each month, and how the proceeds of a future sale will be distributed in this scenario. You’re still financially tied to your ex-spouse in this situation.  Late payments on a co-owned home will damage both people’s credit ratings, even if you’re divorced.

Sell My House Knoxville tn Divvy up the assets

Because you won’t have to wait for a property sale or face a long negotiation over who gets the larger portion of a home, dividing large assets can be a speedier way to settle a divorce. You’ll still have to negotiate the value of each significant asset to reach an equitable agreement, but you won’t have to deal with the stress of selling a home while divorcing.

Preparing To Sell Your House

Consider any repair that your home needs before putting it on the market, and contact a reputable real estate appraiser to properly estimate the value of your home. If you and your spouse decide to invest in any repairs or upgrades, you must agree on how to share the costs and whether or not the expenditure would affect the profit split. Before investing more money, talk to your divorce attorney about this process so you can formalize any arrangements.

Sell My House Knoxville tn Seek Expert Help

Even if everything is going well, selling a home can always be a challenging task if not done correctly.

There is a lot going on and a lot to think about throughout a divorce. You should not attempt to sell your home on your own. You and your spouse may argue over the selling price or other issues. You’ll have a neutral third party who can help you calculate a reasonable selling price and handle the marketing of your home if you deal with a real estate professional… either a respected agent or a real estate investment agency.

Sell My House Knoxville tn Working To Divide The Profit

It’s up to your lawyers to divide the profit from a transaction. In some states, regardless of the name on the deed, everything acquired or otherwise obtained during a marriage is considered equally held by each spouse. These are known as community property states, and your lawyer will be able to tell you if you live in one and explain the few exceptions to the regulations.

Getting an all-cash offer is one option for divorcing couples who want to resolve their housing concerns allows for a much easier option. The Shipwash Property team looks to make the home selling process seamless, stress-free, and professional when considering your divorce.

Need to Sell Your House During A Divorce?

One of the reasons we buy houses in Knoxville is to help homeowners that may be going through a divorce. We understand this an extremely emotional and stressful time in your life. While we can’t provide you 100% of the relief you need, we can help give you an easy home sell. As cash home buyers in Knoxville, we have the ability to buy homes around your time line. If you need to sell fast, great! Need to wait a little while? That’s is perfectly fine too! We buy homes as-is, so there are no repairs to work out, no fees, no commissions, and hopefully one less thing you have to worry about!

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