10. How To Sell Your House in Oak Ridge Without Spending A Cent!

sell my house oak ridge

Many homeowners in Oak Ridge would love to sell their house for a variety of reasons, but they don’t want to spend the money it normally requires to do it. Selling a house can be expensive, and sometimes, many folks just don’t have the cash on hand to do these things. That’s one of the reasons many people want to sell their house in Oak Ridge! Fortunately, we offer an alternative. As local cash home buyers in Oak Ridge, we buy houses as-is, and we pay in cash! We offer a truly better, and faster way to sell your house 100% free! But first, we will explore the common items that can cost homeowners money if they choose to sell their home the traditional way.

sell my house in Oak Ridge Real Estate Commissions

Real estate agents do not work for free, nor should you expect them to. When you list your house with a realtor, you will pay a commission fee once you sell your house in oak ridge. This fee is normally 6%. To put that into dollars, 6% on a $200,000 house is $12,000. That is a lot of money! When you sell your house directly to us, we do not charge this fee because we make our money on the back end. Since we usually rent out or sell the homes we buy, we can buy your house without charging you anything!

sell my house in Oak Ridge Marketing Your House To Sell In Oak Ridge

When you sell your house either with an agent, or by yourself, you do not want to skimp out on hiring a professional photographer. A professional photographer is critical for your marketing as it presents your home in a great light. Unfortunately, photographers are not cheap and normally costs hundreds of dollars. Some agents offer this service free of charge, so that is something you can explore too. But if you want to sell the house yourself, you should hire someone to do your photos.

sell my house in Oak Ridge Staging Your House To Sale

Staging a house has become typical in recent years. You want to give buyers the opportunity to visualize what the home will look like with furniture and other items. This increases the odds of you selling your house much faster. However, staging a house either comes at a price or a considerable amount of time on your part. There are local staging companies that will complete this task for you if the house is empy, but they are not cheap, typically running around $3,000. If you have furniture to stage the house with, it could take several days to stage the house yourself! Your time in valuable, so you should value this highly when considering your options. When we buy houses in Oak Ridge, we don’t care what you have in your house. Our goal is visualize how we can make the home. So skip out on the stresses of home staging!

sell my house in Oak Ridge Selling Your House With Curb Appeal

Not only do traditional sellers need to prep the inside of their homes, they should prep the outside of their homes as well. First impressions have a major impact on the success of selling your house in Oak Ridge. When you need to update landscape, make exterior repairs such as painting, and clean up the outside; you could potentially spend thousands of dollars! But again, our goal is to visualize how our company can make your house look! So we don’t care what your landscaping, siding, or any other outside thing looks like!

sell my house in Oak Ridge Making Repairs Before Selling Your House In Oak Ridge

This is normally the most expensive item home sellers in Oak Ridge TN must deal with when they want to sell their house the traditional way. Interior and Exterior repairs will normally cost thousands of dollars! Depending on the renovation your home needs, some can cost into the tens of thousands range. Lets look at a kitchen for example. If your kitchen needs a complete remodel, prepare to spend over $10,000! The costs of kitchen remodel in 2021 continues to climb as well. We can offer you the opportunity to sell your house completely as-is. We will buy it exactly the way it sits today! Rennovating a home is stressful! So we offer a better way that avoids it.

sell my house in Oak Ridge Closing Costs When Selling Your House

Lets say you sell your house the traditional way with a realtor. Not only are you paying for commissions, repairs, marketing, and staging; now you have to pay for closing costs when the home finally sells! Closing costs can certainly add up quick, and we decided to write an article about the common closing costs a seller is expected to pay. When you sell your house to us, we will cover these for you. We promise to never have hidden fees!

sell my house in Oak Ridge Holding Costs

While your home is sitting on the market, you will have holding costs. Common holding costs include your mortgage, electric bill, water bill, and taxes. The longer the home sits on the market, the more expensive these things become. This is why you should consider these costs before making the decision to list with a realtor. If it takes your home two months to sell, that is two months of additional mortgage payments, two months of utilities, and two more months of taxes. As a local homebuyer in Oak Ridge, we can buy your house in as little as 14 days. This means that you may never have to pay a single holding cost again!

Final Thoughts

While it seems like an urban legend, you really can sell your house fast in Oak Ridge without spending a single penny and get a fair price for your house in the process! When you are weighing your options to either list or sell, you should consider all of these potential savings. Not only will you save money, you will save time and stress too. If you are needing to sell your house in Oak Ridge, we can offer you cash. We always try to make you a cash offer within 48 hours of you reaching out to us. Once we make our cash offer on your house, that will be the amount you walk away with at closing.

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